SAME Harengula Jig HF Jig 30g #1 (SF30014)

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Green scale iron plate HARENGULA JIG HF-JIG 
※ All luminous parts are "blue cold light luminous". 
※The eyes are Japanese luminous eyes. 
※Use Japanese high-brightness foil paper. 
※ Compared with the length of the iron plate, the length of the iron plate is shorter, and the desire to attack predatory fish species is increased. 
※ It is suitable for fast running, big jump and excellent swimming style. 
※The color of the night part of the color block #01, 03 is made of colorful processing, which has strong temptation both day and night. 


The design principle of the blue scale iron plate comes from the natural ecology in the ocean. "Green squid" is a large and large group of small fish that is abundant in northern Taiwan, that is, bait fish. Whenever the season comes, the blue-spotted fish will be heavily docked, and there will be a lot of migratory predatory fish species following it. And its appearance is very close to all kinds of bait fish that exist around the world, so we developed it. 


The center of gravity of the blue scale plate is about 35% in front of the whole body, so it will produce a large swing amplitude when twitching, thereby generating water flow and water splash to cause predation of various predatory fish species. Even just a flat drag can bring the effect of swinging the tail, so that the big fish all cause a strong desire to attack. 


The luminous part of the blue slate is made of Japanese blue luminous luminous powder. The blue cold luminous light generated in the dark is used at night or in the deep sea, which can greatly entice the predatory fish species, thereby enhancing the desire to attack.