SAME Minnow Jig MJ Jig 100g #1 (SF30026)

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Big belly fish iron plate MINNOW JIG MJ-JIG
※ All the night light part is "blue cold light luminous". 
※ The eyes are Japanese luminous eyes. 
※ Use Japanese high-brightness foil paper. 
※ Compared with the length of the iron plate, the length of the iron plate is shorter, and the desire to attack predatory fish species is increased. 
※ It is like a Minnow swinging stroke when it is flat. 
※ It is suitable for flat drag, small jump, drop, and excellent swimming style. 
※ The surface of the nightlights of the large blocks #01 and 03 are all brightly processed, which is powerful and tempting day and night. 
The luminous part of the big-bellied fish uses Japanese blue luminous luminous powder. The blue cold luminous light generated in the dark is used at night or in the deep sea, which can greatly entice the predatory fish species, thereby enhancing the desire to attack.