WFT Electra 1200 PR HP Elektrikli Çıkrık (1D-A 705-120)

Marka : WFT
Fiyat : ₺5.864,03(KDV Dahil)
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The 1200 PR HP  features Jigging functionality and is the culmination of the WFT ELECTRA series.

The 1200 PR HP achieves a recovery speed of 160 m / min with a weight of 35kg while it can reach 88kg max byreducing the retrieval speed

Carbon brakes and 2 stainless steel Japanese NSK bearings complete the image of 1200 PR HP MISSION RED specialized in fishing in deep waters specifications

* 2 Japanese NSK stainless steel ball bearings 

* Strong star brake 

* Automatic line guidance 

* Counter up to 999 meters 

* Extremely strong electric motor 

* 2 brass harness mounts 

* Data storage at short power interruption 

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1D-A 705-120

WFT Electra 1200 PR HP



160 mt/dak.


0,32 / 1000