WFT Super Lithium Akü 14,8V 8,8Ah (1D-A 800-088)

Marka : WFT
Fiyat : ₺4.756,75(KDV Dahil)
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The new WFT SUPER LITHIUM BATTERY is the perfect power source for WFT ELECTRA castors or echosounders.

It provides enough energy for two whole days of fishing or more than 20,000 meters line catch!

The new WFT SUPER LITHIUM BATTERY offers you by its low weight and its compact design a completely new freedom of movement on board, since the battery also fits in the pocket of a swimsuit.

Due to the high voltage of 14.8 volts, the speed of retrieval and retrieval of WFT ELECTRA rollers increases by 10 - 20%. All WFT ELECTRA castors are already technically designed for this tension.

It can also operate two electric rollers simultaneously with a battery.

The WFT SUPER LITHIUM BATTERY is about 4 times lighter than a conventional lead-acid battery of the same power.

However, the energy from the WFT SUPER LITHIUM BATTERY is almost completely usable - with about 6 times the amount of energy available.

Even at low temperatures, there was no noticeable loss of power in our field tests recorded. 

The WFT SUPER LITHIUM BATTERY has two highly accessible and clearly marked poles on which crocodile clips are securely held and in contact.

The scope of delivery includes a neoprene protective cover, the special charger and an instruction manual including safety instructions.

Of course, the WFT SUPER LITHIUM BATTERY complies with all legal requirements, which must be verifiable especially for transport in the aircraft!

All required information is included with the battery. Please inform your airline about their current regulations.